A romantic fable
about braving the
wide world for love.

In our second collection, the kids mess around with cloning and bioengineering, learn
about fatherhood and gratitude, and battle their arch nemesis, Kid Capitalist!

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Includes color artwork

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Readers are falling in love with The Mole and the Owl.

“Although the characters are animals—a brave mole, a lost owl, and a merciful wolf, just to name a few—The Mole and the Owl is much more than a children’s book. It is a fable that takes a simple theme, the struggle for true love, and weaves it among characters who personify the greatest traits we human beings often overlook in ourselves and others. Children will cheer for the mole with unabashed joy, and adults who have faced their own struggles for true love will see a bit of their lives reflected in the mole’s quest. Much like William Goldman’s The Princess Bride, The Mole and the Owl has everything a good book should have to appeal to the imaginative reader: adventure, fights, frolic, and most importantly, love.” Brian Patterson(Amazon.com Editoral Review)

“The lyrical prose and the wonderful illustrations touched my soul. The imagery lifted my spirit and often had me in tears. It is a tale that inspires one to take a breath and see the beauty that surrounds us all, and most of all, to DREAM. This book shall be a treasured part of my personal library, and I am looking forward to sharing it with my children, and possibly someday, my grandchildren.” Leah

“Sometimes a writer touches on the marrow in the bone, the upturned lip of a smile and emotion that transcends each simple word. This book, these words—give more than seems possible. Few writers have accomplished this is my opinion, but one surprisingly comes to mind—Richard Bach, writer of Jonathan Livingston Seagull.” Patrick

“A feeling of peaceful beauty settled in my heart as I read this story. It takes you tothe depths of fear and to the precipice of hope and wonder. The life lessons about acceptance and the spirit of adventure and accomplishment left me weeping, knowing and wondering how this tale of two such companions will change my life and the way I view the world.” Susan

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Hardcover from Amazon — $16.95
Includes color artwork