Kid crusaders, battling
the commercialization
of childhood!

In our second collection, the kids mess around with cloning and bioengineering, learn about fatherhood and gratitude, and battle their arch nemesis, Kid Capitalist!

Welcome back to the neighborhood!

Our second collection includes even more black and white daily strips and color Sundays—plus over 80 pages of Bob’s blog which aren’t available online!

Johnny’s Avatar. In an effort to outsmart death, the kids replicate Johnny’s identity.

The Lap Lite. The kids invent a new product to help you influence your dreams.

The New Halloween. The kids research new ways to increase their candy profits.

Bob’s Igloo. Fed up with the modern world, Bob retreats to a homemade igloo.

The Batcave of Childhood. The kids fight the commercialization of childhood.

Screen-Free Week. Alice challenges the kids to go screen-free for one full week.

Here’s what folks are saying about Kid, Inc.

The observations of the virtual generation are exactly on target. As a teacher, it resonates with me in a way that few strips ever have. It’s not about belly-laughs. More like the subtle (and disturbing) messages of early Doonesbury. Nicely done.” Greg (High School Teacher)

“We all could learn a thing or two from this cast of characters—you will also laugh our rumpus-room-OFF. My Highest Recommendation, you will not be disappointed.” Patrick (Writer and Dad)

“I’m a long time comic strip fan (Calvin & Hobbes, Peanuts…) but there hasn’t been something that I really enjoyed reading in the last few years until I stumbled onto Kid, Inc. It’s hysterical, thoughtful, philosophical, subversive, and engaging. But most of all, it’s a lot of fun.” Daniel (Teacher)

“The first comic book I’ve read in probably fifty years. But it is so much more I cannot begin to do it justice. I cannot imagine anyone from (about) ten to (about) ninety not loving this book.” Bill (Writer and Sailor)