Bob vs. the Future: An Introduction

No one knows that Bob is a blogger. For several months, he himself didn’t know. His son, Chip, had upgraded the manual typewriter to wirelessly post every keystroke online. When Bob learned the truth, and saw how happy his son was to have a high-tech dad, he decided to ride it out. But the Luddite in him refuses to go online, so he never sees his posts or the comments left by his audience of three.

My dad's a blogger!

Bob vs. the Future is a fictional blog. Within the story world of Kid, Inc., only Bob, Alice and the kids even know the blog exists—and Bob himself tries to forget most of the time.

Volume 1 has been collected in our first book, Look Out, Tomorrow, Here We Come! All together, posts and comments filled almost 100 pages of angst and heartfelt humor.

The blog has become a meeting place for Media Jean and Chip, and Johnny often watches (“lurks” according to Media Jean) silently in the background. For Chip, it’s an opportunity to see into his dad’s soul, and he usually comes away loving his dad even more. For Media Jean, the blog is as much a soap box for her as it is for Bob, though her rants usually run in the opposite direction.

Extending a comic strip world into cyberspace has been a lot of fun. We hope you enjoy reading Bob vs. the Future as much as we enjoy creating it.